How to Play With the Crystal Heart

Crystal Heart is a Skill in Hollow Knight. It allows the character to glide forward, diagonally, and sideways in the air. Hold DIVE while airborne or clinging to an object to focus power into the attack.

Crystal Heart

The ability is activated when the Soul Mate activates the ability by holding down the “A” button. When using it, the Soul Mate must be in the same area as the character. Once done, press the “A” button again to initiate the move. If the player is already airborne, the move cannot be used.

The first thing that will happen when using the crystal heart is that the player will be pushed back to the center of the screen. The move can be repeated by pressing down once more. The second time, the player will push the enemies back and use them as platforms.

The third time, the heart will explode. After that, the player must take cover and wait for the move to recharge. After a certain amount of time, the heart will become visible again and will recharge.

The fourth time, the heart will appear as a beam of light, fly back to the player, and disappear. If the player is not standing still, they will lose their momentum. If the player is moving away from the enemy, they will be able to hit the heart and get the maximum damage out of it.

Crystal Heart can be used as many times as the Soul Mate wants. Each time, the enemies do not attack the player directly, but the Heart. The Heart itself will remain in one spot and not attack the enemies, instead focusing energy on them.

The only thing that is required to activate the move is to stand still or move slightly sideways. Once the move is done, the Crystal Heart will shine. If the enemy is hit, the player will get a free kick in the face.

When fighting the enemy with the Crystal Heart, it is important to move away from the enemies. As the move recharges, the Crystal Heart will shine faster and hit the enemy multiple times. The player is advised to not stand directly underneath the enemy because they will receive damage multiple times.

This means the player must move away from the enemy at different angles. It is best if the player is facing the direction they want the enemy to go. This way, they can avoid receiving damage to themselves while being able to get the most out of the attack. the move.

In case the Crystal Heart is not used correctly, the enemy will be able to hit the player multiple times. This will cause the player to fall to the ground. There is also a chance that the enemy can hit the player, which will cause them to get hit twice.