Crystal Photo Jewelry

With your crystal photo still in its box, what do you do with it? You could keep your crystal photo in a protective sleeve and display it on a mantel piece for all to see. Or if you want to preserve your memory’s original state for future generations, you could store your crystal photo in an album or on a flash drive. Crystal photo engraving is even possible, which means that your once-in-a-lifetime photo now is literally transformed to a 3D picture.

With the advances in digital photography, there are now many methods of “printing” your crystal photo so that you can have it on hand for future use. Most printing methods will allow for your crystal photo to be engraved on a silver plate with either a standard light base or with a light base and then etched by a laser. These methods can give you either a standard (or variable speed) embossing design, or a high definition image that can be printed on light bases and viewed with a standard light base.

If you choose to use a standard light base for your engraved crystal photo, you will need a jeweler’s engraver. Engraving tools come in a wide variety of price ranges, but they are all fairly inexpensive. You can get a relatively cheap one for less than twenty bucks, or you can spend hundreds of dollars for a higher-end model. You should know that the most expensive engravers will be able to engrave stones of greater weight and width than the ones used for standard crystal photo. A jeweler’s engraver works best with metal, wood, and plastic materials.

Another way to store and protect your crystal photo collection is to hang it in a clear case. These cases help prevent fingerprints from smearing the pictures so they’re easier to spot in a pile. Some of the better photo crystal ornament holders will have interior lighting that allows you to view your precious picture collection from all angles. This can also be useful when you need to display a particular item. A simple three-way switch will turn on the lighting so you can easily see your treasured images.

For even more protection, consider buying a jewelry stand or storage box. These items are designed to keep your picture crystal safe and showcase them without getting in the way. A good jewelry box will have multiple compartments and a lid. Some models can hold several different types of crystal photo, while others include drawers and shelves. Jewelry stand makes a nice addition to a room because it keeps your picture crystal and other items from being accidentally bumped around. You can purchase stand styles with or without a hanger bar, and you may be able to order a custom-made stand that has an engraved logo.

If you don’t want to use jewelry as a form of protection, you can look for a clear, plastic-based display box that will provide the crystal with a larger-than-life appearance. These boxes are usually available in several sizes, but look best on bookshelves, end tables, or desks. If you’re looking for a larger-than-life display option, consider purchasing a light base to go along with the box. Light bases allow your etched crystals to be displayed at eye level. You can purchase light bases in a variety of colors, styles, and materials, including plastic, metal, glass, and clear acrylic.