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3D Crystal Gifts for the Parents of the Bride and Groom

3D Crystal
If you are the parents of son or daughter who was recently married, you are probably just relieved that all the pomp and circumstance (and stress) of the big day is past. Now you can relax and look forward to future family events that are less demanding. Enjoying the memories of family gatherings is also important, and having a beautiful collection of photographs increases that enjoyment even more. As the parents of the newly wedded couple, you are likely have your own album of special wedding photographs to show off to friends and family. While it is great to have that collection of photos on hand, you can also display a few of your favorite photographs as a 3D Laser creation.

The 3D Laser process uses innovative technology to capture a three dimensional image of your favorite photograph in a crystal object that can be displayed in any way you wish. Newly married couples often choose to gift their parents with a 3D crystal image that is a permanent and elegant keepsake. The crystal can be used as a very unique paperweight, or displayed in whatever area of their home they choose. Would you like your 3D Laser photograph to really stand out? Choose a light base to illuminate the image and accentuate its beauty, and the lighted crystals make great night lights. 

What could be more stunning than several crystals in various shapes on the fireplace mantle or on a windowsill to catch the sunlight? Just a little imagination is all it takes to find unique uses for a 3D Laser photo. Pick a few special poses of the wedding day and use them to create Christmas ornaments that are destined to be keepsakes.

Remembering Heroes on Independence Day with a 3D Crystal Photo


3D Crystal Photo

There is nothing more personal and touching than a photograph. Such a simple idea; store a memory on a piece of paper or computer and it will last a lifetime; however, so many photographs feature the same clichéd scenarios.

No more photographs of the back of your loved ones head, or that typical image of you stuffing your face at the Christmas dinner. Choose a memory that really speaks volumes and something that you will be proud to showcase on your mantel or in your window with a 3d crystal photo.

With Independence Day coming up, why not preserve the most precious memories of your heroes in a piece of crystal to display proudly wherever you like.  Just pick your favourite photograph and the image will be etched in to a shaped piece of crystal producing a 3 dimensional image that really speaks a thousand words.

With a variety of shapes and sizes to fit your needs, a 3d crystal photo really can make a unique and personal gift that anyone would be delighted to receive. And no one deserves to be remembered more than your heroes on Independence Day.

If you like you can add a caption or a personal message to make the 3d crystal photo even more touching.

Whatever your intention, whatever the celebration or event, 3d crystal photographs are a truly simple, unique, and innovative new idea to store those memories for years to come. Any 2d image can be etched in to a beautiful 3d print. So get digging for those special photographs and remember our heroes on Independence Day with a 3d crystal photo.

The Different Types of 3D Crystals

3D Crystals
3D crystal can be an amazing, utterly unique way to store a memory. If a photo is worth a thousand words, a photo etched into 3D form in a crystal must be worth a million. Whether it's a capture of a momentous moment in your life, such as a wedding, a graduation or a birth, a picture of a loved one that you want to keep close, or simply a happy, funny moment that you want to preserve, 3D crystal provides a breath-taking option to showcase your moment.

Once you have the photo picked out to commit to crystal, you have the choice of what type of crystal you want it etched into. We have a variety of options for you to pick the best shape to perfectly compliment your photo.

The Prestige shape really would look regal on a desk or mantle, the graceful shape reminiscent of an award. This type could be the perfect commemoration to a major accomplishment in life, such as graduation or the birth of a child!

The Train shape ideally fits a landscape oriented photo, allowing the entire photo to fit fully in 3D form and none of the details to be cut out.

The Flat type also is the perfect shape for a landscape oriented photo, though it doesn't focus as much on the 3D aspect, and is narrower.

The Tower is perfect for a portrait oriented photo - let a loved one or great capture stand tall on your desk or on a bookshelf!

Keep that special someone close in a Heart type crystal. Really, what could be more romantic than a photo of the two of you etched forever in a heart-shaped crystal?

Looking for an edgy option? Choose the Diamond type for a crystal that stands on its edge! It'll keep your memory glistening while looking a little different!

Of course, don't forget you can add a text caption or even an illustration to the crystal. Why not even have one of your child's drawings immortalized?

With all of the choices, you will be able to find the perfect way to keep your memory fresh and sparkling in 3D crystal!

Commemorating Graduation with 3D Photo Crystal

Grad 3D Crystal Photo

Graduation is one the most important and exciting times in life, and getting your graduate the perfect gift is an absolute must to show them how proud you are of their achievement. Since graduation is such a special time, chances are everyone who attends the ceremony to show their support for the new graduate will be taking pictures of the momentous occasion. But, let's face it. While a great graduation photo can make one of the most perfect and thoughtful gifts, picture frames may seem boring and dated and can take away from the sentimental value of the picture itself, especially in this highly technological day and age, where you can access thousands of photos online through personal blogs and social media web sites such as Facebook.

Why not give a photo gift that your graduate can hold, take with them as they move out into the world, show off to their friends, and will surely treasure for years to come? A 3D photo crystal of your favorite graduation picture is sure to impress that special person in your life, and will be a hit with both family and friends alike. With so many shapes and styles to choose from, there is truly something for each and every taste, and each 3D photo crystal is completely customizable, so you can include the perfect personalized message with your gift.

As your graduate takes that next important step in their life, now is the time to let them know how proud you are of their accomplishment, and remind them that you will be there for them whenever they may need you. Think about what you cherish most about your graduate, and personalize a 3D photo crystal with the perfect graduation picture and message that will never let them forget what they mean to you.

Top Ten Uses of 3D Crystal Photo for College Students


Grad 3D Crystal Photo

3D Laser Gifts is pleased to announce the launch of its latest Laser Art Collection; the Graduation collection. This release comes just in time to provide you with a truly memorable gift for your graduate.

  1. Facebook won’t last forever

The laser-engraving process used here at 3D Laser Gifts will convert your photos into something tangible that won’t slip thru a crack in your hard drive.

  1. Its more than a mantle-piece

A 3D Photo Crystal of your graduate will not only please the eye, it will add beauty to your mantle, work desk, bureau or any other space you place it in.

  1. It is unique

Now is the perfect time to make your graduate feel special with this personalized gift. With six bold designs to choose from and custom options available, the 3D Photo Crystal is a truly unique gift.

  1. You can go back in time

The designers at 3D Laser Gifts can turn your cherished and fragile family photos from the past into engraved crystal art.

  1. It is durable

You can hold the crystal in your hands and pass it among loved ones and friends.  

  1. It is a reminder

The 3d crystal photo reminds you of the days of Little League trophies, Science Fair medals, and community service awards.

  1. Something to hold onto

Photo albums and shoe-boxes filled with memories have all but disappeared. Isn’t it nice to know that there is something to hold onto?

  1. Crystal engraving is art

Homes used to be filled with sketches of family members that jumped off the page. The 3D Photo Crystal photo recaptures the feel of that art form.

  1. Like a yearbook

Yearbooks never caught on big with the college-aged set. Can’t you see graduates passing around this kind of photo at reunion parties and get-togethers?

  1. Because you want them to remember

With a 3d crystal photo capturing your son, daughter or loved one in one of the proudest moments of their young life; the power of that image takes on a whole new dimension.



A Gift of Engraved Crystal Photo to Celebrate All Men in Your Life


fday prestige resized 600

If you want to celebrate the man in your life with a picture on the mantel, but want something a bit different from a plain old picture frame, then look no more.

Have you thought of an engraved crystal photo?

This is a new and exciting way of mounting a picture of a love one which will look impressive in a number of different setting. Engraved crystal photos is a new technique where clever computer software is used to remodel a photo into a 3D image, that is etched with a laser into clear solid crystal that will last a life time.

All that we need is a suitable photo. Then you have to choose from a vast range of crystals the one you like. Crystals can come in virtually whatever shape you want from a square block, cube, to a heart shape, the choice is yours, the crystal can also be small or large. All crystals are chosen for their optical clarity for the best results. We can turn a 2D image into an exciting 3D image so the crystal can be admired from any angle.

An engraved crystal photo will last forever where ordinary photos can get, turn, bent, damaged or lost. What's more, crystal photos are suitable for all occasions, family photos, weddings, anniversaries, animals, birthdays, graduations and awards.

An engraved crystal photo will look good in any setting whether it be on the mantel, coffee table or in a cabinet. Your crystal engraved photo can also be illuminated with a light base which is mounted under the crystal. This can be very useful for making an impressive display perhaps in a dark corner of the living room.

Your friends will be so impressed they too will be wanting a crystal engraved photo of their loved ones.


Graduation Gift Guide (A Gift of 3D Crystal Photo)

Graduation Picture 

Okay, do you have a friend or sibling who is finally graduating? Why don’t you opt for something different, like giving a 3D crystal photo? It is time to put on your thinking cap and come up with a gift that person will cherish and love. This can be an overwhelming task, or is it? If you are like the majority, you definitely need help in choosing the right graduation gift. Instead of going with the usual fare that most friends, siblings and parents churn out, their graduation photo engraved inside the glass will certainly get a lot of eyeballs!

3D Crystal Photo

Graduations mark the end of a phase in life and start of a new phase. It is an exciting and thrilling time. You can memorialize the event by gifting the person a unique 3D crystal photo. This beautiful keepsake will be a constant reminder of the person’s achievement and success, and hence will be truly cherished and treasured forever. You can get 3D crystal photo in a variety of shapes, such as diamond, flat, prestige, train, tower and heart. Having the person’s graduation photograph etched on the glass makes a spectacular graduation gift.

Video-Message from-Teachers

There is nothing like taking a walk down memory lane! Get some of the person’s former teachers to record a short video message. Try concentrating on funny and amusing anecdotes that the teachers remember about the person. Play this video message when you are celebrating the person’s graduation. It will make the event fun and memorable and the recipient will love this unique gift.


Now that your friend or sibling has graduated, he will be ready for the job market. It means spending hours commuting. How about letting your friend enjoy some music during the commute to kill time and boredom? Instead of giving a simple MP3 player, personalize it with an engraving. You can engrave the person’s name or a motivational quote to remind the person never to give up in the face of challenges and obstacles.

The 3D crystal photo is perhaps the most unique graduation gift and is bound to be a big hit with the gift recipient.

The Positives of Personalized Gifts (3D Photo Crystal)


3D Photo Crystal

Finding special gifts for the people in your life isn't always easy.  One way to make a gift unique for the receiver is to give a personalized gift.  These can be personalized with names, initials and even photos. One gift that has always seemed to be perfect is a 3D photo crystal.  

Personalized gifts can be found that fit every taste.  Think about the person who will be receiving the gift and ask yourself what he or she likes.  Think about any hobbies they have, where they spend the greatest amount of time or any collections they maintain.  The business executive may enjoy a personalized paperweight or letter opener.  The stay at home mother might appreciate frames for family pictures.  The new graduate will appreciate a personalized money clip.

The possibilities are endless.  What happens, however, if you do not know he person well enough to know what they may already have?  That is when you look for items that are completely unique or are welcome even if the person should receive more than one. Items like a 3D photo crystal fit both categories.

What makes a personalized gift so special is that the giver has taken the time to consider the individual and choose something with the receiver in mind.  A gift card or money is generic and can be considered as a last minute gift, but a personalized gift has to be thought about, ordered and made in advance.  It lets the receiver know they weren't a last minute thought to you.  In the end, their eyes will sparkle as much as any crystal.

A Different Way to Say Thank You (Gift with laser photo engraving)


Gifts1 resized 600

Expressing your thoughts can be hard, especially when you are looking for a way to express gratitude perpetually. All around you are people who have touched your life, some probably kicked your butt but you are grateful for it! 

Indirect Effect

A good way of sparking memories is perpetuating your most embarrassing photos (maybe not) using laser photo engraving. You could dig out  one of the black and white pictures of your parents long before you were born; expressing gratitude does not have to be direct, it can be said in a picture, and sometimes in the most unusual of pictures. Laser photo engraving is a process that takes your photo and turns it into a symbol of perpetual memory and appreciation.

Making it Forever

There are many ways of preserving the picture that is to be your message of gratitude,  but nothing says it better than a  three dimensional projection of the picture; perpetuated in a crystal to crown your parents mantelpiece or your dad's desk at work. Using laser photo engraving, your picture is scanned into a computer which guides specialized lasers to perfectly replicate the image on a crystal surface. The results are breathtaking and undoubtedly memorable: A three dimensional (3D) representation of up to three people suspended in a clear crystal; visible from all angles like a projected image from the past.

Go Simple and Sophisticated

The best messages are sent in a simplistic yet with deep meaning and intent. People pour in their memories into pictures to bring back the sweetest and most pleasant memories of the past. You can choose the picture based on:

·      A memorable and sweet event like an embarrassing moment to keep them laughing

·      A fun picture of your achievements to remind them of their contribution

·      A graphic with a perpetual message

With unlimited options for pictures, you can render it in three dimensional or two dimensional presentations in crystal using laser photo engraving, sealing in the message of gratitude and appreciation for their efforts and contribution to your success and happiness.

Pregnancy Trend - 3D Photo Engraved Crystal Of Sonogram


The latest pregnancy trend is photo engraving crystal. These are very cool and are a great keepsake. The crystals can be given as a baby shower or after birth gift. The pregnant woman may also decide to get one done for herself. Crystals help celebrate the moment of the special day of giving birth to your child. Such photos as the sonogram of the baby, photo of the pregnant mother, or a photo of the couple are some of the choices of photos that may be used to place onto the crystal for the pregnant mother. 

3D crystal sonogram resized 600

A photo engraving on the crystal begins with sending a digital photo sent in a .jpg, .bmp, or .png file. The photo is then converted onto the crystal by laser by computer and state of the art software. This etches the image of the photo into the crystal with the best resolution possible. Text can be added to the photo as well. Statements such as Congratulations! or Its a boy/girl! can be placed above or below the photo onto the crystal.

There are various sizes and shapes of the crystal and engraving. Some of the choices are heart, flat, diamond, and prestige shapes that come in sizes from small to large. For a tower or train shape, the sizes come in XL to Maximum sizes. Flat crystals can include a background to the photo.

Photo engraving crystals make great gifts as well as something you may prefer to get for yourself. They are beautiful and will last forever. Coloring will not fade and the photo will remain crystal clear.

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